'Helmet tree' becomes new landmark in Hsinchu

Several motorcycle helmets were hung on the tree
PHOTO: Facebook/新竹大小事

TAIPEI — “Strong winds” are usually the first thing people notice when they're in Hsinchu. Yet, a new “helmet tree” has recently become a topic of discussion among social media users.

A viral Facebook post showed a roadside tree with many helmets hanging from its branches, leading many to jokingly refer to it as a “new landmark of Hsinchu.”

A social media user also asked: “I know it’s windy in Hsinchu, so is it actually safer to hang them on a tree?”

PHOTO: Facebook/新竹大小事

In the photo, 10 helmets can be seen hanging from different heights, giving the illusion of a “helmet fruit” tree when viewed from a distance.

The funny post saw social media users commenting, “Don’t you know? This is what Hsinchu’s grapes look like,” “Sometimes, they become ‘ripe’ and fall to the ground” and “Here is the world’s safest tree.”

Another social media user poked fun at the sight, claiming “November is the season of helmet fruits” while another vowed to hang their own helmet on the tree later to “make a wish.”

Others speculated that kindhearted passers-by might have hung the helmets on the tree to help motorcyclists find their belongings in the windy city.

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