MeowTalk app helps you better understand your cat

MeowTalk Cat Translator - Beta
PHOTO: Apple App Store

Attention, cat lovers! Soon, you will be able to understand your cats’ language.

Thanks to AI translation, you will have to obey any order — “Feed Me! I’m angry! Leave me alone!”

A former Amazon Alexa engineer has developed an app MeowTalk that aims to translate your cat’s meow, according to the BBC.

First, you have to record the sound on MeowTalk, indicate in the app what your cat wants, and then enter it into the database for AI learning.

The more owners use the app, the more accurate the app’s machine-learning software will be at translating individual cats.

BBC reporter Cristina Criddle tested the app on her cat Buffy.
PHOTO: MeowTalk app

The app, developed by software engineering team Akvelon, currently has only 13 vocabulary phases, including “Feed Me!", “I’m angry!", and “Leave me alone!”

According to the study, there is no universal language in the cat world, and cats only meow to humans, not to their companions.

PHOTO: Apple App Store

If a cat does have a language, then cats of different owners will have their own unique language, depending on the habits of their owners.

Therefore, different users will get different translation results.

The app is available free on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

However, the translator has received mixed reviews, with some finding the app as whimsical as a cat while others said that the app allows a servant to understand a cat’s commands.

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