Jacky Wu updates fans on his condition after bike accident

Taiwanese veteran host Jacky Wu said on Friday that he is recovering well from his injury.
PHOTO: Instagram/ Jacky Wu

Taiwanese veteran host Jacky Wu said on Friday that he is recovering well from his injury at falling off his bicycle, stressing that he will get back to work on Nov. 22.

The 58-year-old host posted a photo of himself posing like an "Iron Man" with bandages around his arms to Instagram.

In the post, he revealed that he was treated properly at a clinic in Zuoying, Kaohsiung on Wednesday, the day he fell off a bike when recording the variety show Mr Player in Pingtung.

PHOTO: Instagram/ Jacky Wu

Wu thanked the doctors and nurses for taking care of his wounds, saying that he is in good condition now. Wu reportedly returned to Taipei afterward to undergo a brain CT scan and a full-body X-ray.

"The images showed no problems, except for a small stone in his kidney, which was not a big problem," he wrote.

The entertainer explained that he has already suspended all the work at hand, and will get back to his work on Nov. 22 to record Super Followers.

According to one of the producers, the 58-year-old was riding a bicycle when he slipped and crashed on the road, most probably because he was going too fast.