'Is this a joke?' Taiwanese singer Nick Chou's new hair colour draws backlash

Nick Chou's new hair color drew mixed reactions on social media on Thursday.
PHOTO: Instagram/nickthereal4sho

TAIPEI — The new hair cut of Taiwanese rapper-actor Nick Chou — a bright mix of blue and green resembling mint chocolate — drew mixed reactions on Thursday among social media users.

The 32-year-old singer, who recently dyed his hair for the released his latest music video, Future in your eyes, posted the photos on Facebook one day earlier.

“Don’t ask me what color this is… It’s a little blue, a little green, but it’s not Tiffany,” he wrote with a smile.

Some said that Nick Chou’s new hair color looks like mint chocolate. PHOTO: Instagram/nickthereal4sho

Social media users were not convinced, however, with some calling his new look that draws inspiration from popular K-pop singers “so ugly.”

Responding to the backlash, the singer replied with humor, saying “Don’t talk about yourself like that…”  like in his hit song So handsome we broke up.

The post has also attracted some celebs’ responses including Gui Gui who speculated that he might have a “tough scalp” for boasting a color like that.

Nick Chou has dyed his hair bright blue and green. PHOTO: Instagram/nickthereal4sho

Up Lee, lead vocalist in Taiwanese pop-rock band 831, described the controversial hair color as something that one only sees on dolls, while some fans said it’s the color of mint chocolate.

Born into an acting family with both parents being entertainers, Nick Chou has so far released three albums, four singles while gradually following in the footsteps of his parents into the acting.

In 2018, he was a finalist in the rap talent show The Rap of China.