Matilda Tao and hubby Li Liren are #couplegoals because he's 'turned on' even when she wears granny panties

PHOTO: Instagram/momoleelee

Taiwanese celeb couple Matilda Tao and Li Liren have been married for 15 years and their relationship is what people would call #couplegoals.

Not only are they devoted to each other, but Liren has even weathered harsh criticisms from the public for not being as famous as his spouse.

And in case you need any more proof of their love for each other, 51-year-old Matilda publicly revealed that her husband is physically attracted to her regardless of what she wears or how her body looks. It was reported that during an event for an e-commerce platform on Nov 9, the very candid singer-host openly talked about her sex life.

While she has never dared to buy sex toys because of the need to use her real name while making an account — she did consider it though — Matilda revealed that Liren has bought lingerie for her before.

She said: "[My husband] has bought all sorts of lingerie for me except for BDSM outfits... Regardless, he gets turned on by my body no matter what I'm wearing, even if it's flannel pyjamas or 'ah ma' panties. He's always very excited."

"He used to think that Empress Xiaocheng had the best figure, but these days, he likes Yang Guifei's body instead. My metabolism has gone down as I've gotten older, so I've become a fat version of Yang Guifei. Even then, he doesn't mind. He says I look good regardless of my weight," she added.

Empress Xiaocheng from the Han dynasty is known for her slender build, while Yang Guifei, one of the Four Beauties of ancient China, had a fuller physique.