Show Lo expresses shock and disbelief over friend Alien Huang's death

Show Lo (left) and Alien Huang (right) used to be best friends when they co-hosted the popular variety show.
PHOTO: Facebook/IsShow, Instagram/aes_alien

TAIPEI  — The death of 36-year-old Taiwanese singer Alien Huang, who passed away at his residence after falling in his bathroom on Wednesday, has shocked the Chinese entertainment industry in Asia.

The singer hosted a popular variety entertainment show, 100% Entertainment, with friend Show Lo for 10 years (2005-2015).

Upon hearing the sad news, Lo, who said that he is as close to him as a brother, wrote, “Why is this happening…” on an Instagram story.

Chinese-language media remarked, however, that their relationship deteriorated in 2015 when Huang privately criticised a girl who liked Lo for being “superficial.”

After Huang’s comments surfaced online, Huang reportedly resigned from his co-hosting position and the two friends went separate ways.

Both had been in the entertainment industry for many years, but they were seldom seen together in front of the screen after Huang left the show.

In the wake of Lo’s sex scandal earlier this year, Huang was asked if he had contacted Lo in private in June.

He responded that he couldn’t get in touch with Lo because each of them had changed their phone numbers many times and that he had no way of contacting him.