8 tidying tips from Singapore's first certified KonMari consultant

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This year’s Chinese New Year celebration is going to look very different. Without the distraction of large crowds while visiting, there’s a chance your guests will be looking amore closely round your home instead.
Need an expert’s tips on decluttering and beautifying your home, leaving only the things that spark joy? Here’s help from Eve Wee-Ang, the first Singaporean to be a certified KonMari consultant.

See things from your guests’ perspectives

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Imagine yourself as a guest walking into your home. Does the current state of your house reflect who you are?

Our own perception is often inaccurate as we see our home every day, and we might overlook certain areas when it comes to tidying and cleaning.

Visualise your home afresh

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Ask yourself, is your present house still your ideal home that you visualised when renovating it for the first time?

If not, it’s time to return to the drawing board and plan for some redesigning.

Instead of adding, try subtracting

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Your first instinct while tidying might be to run out and purchase storage boxes to organise all your stuff.

Take a pause and observe your items closely. Are you keeping things that used to bring you joy but no longer serves you now?

Use your special tableware instead of saving it for a special occasion

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What if we treat every day like it’s a special occasion by using our treasured items when we feel like it?

Isn’t it amazing to enjoy and be supported by belongings that spark joy for us?

Take before and after photos

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Tidying can be turned into a fun family or friends’ activity where you encourage and motivate each other to create your ideal home.

Sharing your before and after photos on social media is another great platform.

Do stocktaking

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Before starting each category, do a thorough inventory of every item in the category that you own.

The resulting pile is often a reality check that helps us realise how most of us have more than we need.

Spark joy at work

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When tidying up your workspace, treat it as a separate category from the rest of your house.

Add little accessories that bring joy and productivity, like a chair with back support or a fresh plant.

Enjoy Chinese New Year

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Finally, the true purpose of celebrating Chinese New Year is to spend time with our loved ones and friends.

As long as our hearts are welcoming and our smiles sincere, nobody will notice if your drawers are full.

This article was first published in Home & Decor