Malaysian man tries on new Baju Melayu and discovers something unusual

Hamzah trying on his new pink Baju Melayu with the 'very unique' design.
PHOTO: Facebook/hamzah.alek.5

One of the traditions of Hari Raya Aidilfitri that many Malaysians look forward to each year is donning new outfits so they look their best when visiting friends and relatives at open houses.

However, this year's Hari Raya is going to be a rather low-key celebration as city folks are unable to 'balik kampung' to see their families since interstate travel is not allowed during the conditional movement control order (CMCO).

Nevertheless, people are still going about with their Hari Raya preparations like decorating their houses, baking cookies and shopping online for new clothes. Or in the case of Hamzah Alek, he got his clothes tailor-made.

This year, Hamzah ordered a new set of Baju Melayu in light pink so that he will have something nice to wear for the family photo session on the big day, as is his family's tradition.

As Hamzah's tailor was none other than his own mother, she dropped by his house in Lundu, Sarawak, a few days ago for a quick fitting as she lived nearby.

While trying on the outfit, the father of three realised that something was rather peculiar about this set of Baju Melayu — the front two lower pockets were missing.

Instead of front pockets, Hamzah discovered two pockets sewn at the back.

He asked his mother incredulously: "Is there something wrong with this outfit?"

When she asked why, he showed her the strange back pockets and they both burst into laughter.

"My mum told me that she could have done it by accident because she has been receiving quite a number of orders lately," he told mStar.

"Usually my wife would be helping her but since she's pregnant, my mum has to do it all by herself."

Hamzah shared that his mother has been working as a tailor for 30 years and is usually busy with orders when the festive season comes around. She doesn't just make Baju Melayu but also accepts orders for various other designs as well.

"She's 57 years old and still actively sewing since it is her passion," he added.

Hamzah also told his wife to take photos of his unusual Baju Melayu which he shared on his Facebook page last Sunday (May 17), not to tease his mother, but for fun.

The post went viral with over 600 likes and 2,000 shares as many social media users found the outfit amusing.