Cruising for a bruising: 2 women take night ride on Audi's bonnet

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[UPDATE: Nov 17]

The 32-year-old driver was fined $200 and given 6 demerit points for the offence of conveying passengers in a dangerous manner, the police told AsiaOne. 

Two women decided to go for a late-night spin in an Audi, but instead of riding shotgun, they opted to take a road less travelled — they sprawled across the car's bonnet.

The pair's actions were captured on video by their friend and shared on Instagram, before a netizen reuploaded it onto Facebook page on Saturday night (Nov 14).

In the clip, they were seen driving down a quiet road outside a private residential estate. The two women appeared to be in high spirits, screaming as the car cruised past the cameraman.

Though the video was only eight seconds long, the car travelled around 100 metres, Lianhe Wanbao reported. Both women could only grip onto the sides of the vehicle's windscreen for support.

The clip also sported a caption "Covid got us like".

Netizens were, however, unimpressed by their 'reasoning', and left snarky remarks in the comment section.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

One also pointed out that such behaviour was dangerous and could result in serious injuries if something had gone wrong.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Facebook

In an interview with the Chinese evening daily, lawyer Steven Lam said the two women, as well as the driver, posed a threat to the safety of the residents with their actions, which is an offence under the public order and nuisance act.

"The driver could also be arrested for dangerous driving," he added.