Dripping oil and blood: Sembawang resident called out for sunning raw pork on common corridor handrail

PHOTO: Facebook screengrabs

A month after an HDB dweller raised a stink about his neighbour's attempt at homemade cured pork in Jurong West, another resident has done it again.

This time, it happened in Sembawang.

A piece of raw pork was placed on the common corridor handrail outside a man's flat for days, a woman said in a Facebook post yesterday (Nov 15).

"When my aged parents have to tolerate their neighbour who is unhygienic and inconsiderate," she wrote as she shared photos of the incident.

As it was left to dry in the sun, oil and blood allegedly dripped onto the unit below.

PHOTO: Facebook screengrab

It wasn't her only complaint.

In another photo, a row of potted plants was seen sitting in the common corridor, which she said had gotten in the way of others using the walkway.

Some HDB residents have taken to hanging raw pork at their flats' clothes drying racks as of late, with neighbours complaining of the stench in Yishun, Woodlands, and Jurong West this year alone.

They also raised concerns about hygiene. Besides bacteria growth, birds and insects were also seen feeding on raw meat left drying on the air-con vent outside a flat on Beach Road in 2018. 

Resident left raw pork outside for crow

Instead of sunning it for his own consumption, the resident said that he had left the raw pork outside for a crow to eat after spotting it in a nearby tree.

"I saw others feeding the bird at the coffee shop so I tried to do the same, but the crow didn't feed on it," the 52-year-old man told Shin Min Daily News.

He added that he rescued several animals in the past and he recently took an ailing bird home to nurse it back to health.

Raw pork removed, handrail sanitised: Sembawang Town Council

In response to AsiaOne's queries, Sembawang Town Council said that the pork and potted plants were already removed when they visited the unit this morning  (Nov 17).

"The resident was apologetic and assured us this won't happen again."

For other residents' peace of mind, the handrail has since been cleaned and sanitised.

The town council added that they will monitor the situation and take appropriate action when necessary.